Designer / Animator / Illustrator

Austin Weyer is a designer, animator, and illustrator who currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. 

Though he’s been creating since he was a child, Austin has spent the last nine years working on a wide range of projects that have exposed him to everything from graphic and motion design to typography and 3D animation. His dedication, skillfulness, and enthusiasm have led him to do work for Apple, Google, the NFL, and Forever 21, to name a few. He looks forward to taking on jobs that will challenge him and push him to build upon and perfect his skills. More importantly, he’s simply a nice guy which makes him a pleasure to work with.

Even when he’s not immersed in a client’s project, Austin is constantly working on or dreaming up his next venture. Not only have his personal illustrations and designs been featured in art shows and zines, he also spends time building bikes and cars, painting, drawing, and adventuring around the world with friends taking photos. Due to his diverse interests and experiences, he is able to create a variety of concepts for clients and see them through from idea to delivery.